Update 20 May: We have decided to suspend the SitRep Updates. If the situation changes and we feel they are needed again, we might start updating the SitRep again. We continue to publish some information on our Facebook site: here. That's the best place for following our work.

We, the Oxfordshire Virus Action group, are a group of Oxfordshire residents concerned with the unfolding Covid-19 crisis, the ongoing crises this crisis helps unveil (e.g. health, working conditions, migration), and the lack of a fast, clear, and effective response from the UK and local government. As our contribution to addressing these crises, we have been creating and updating our 
Oxfordshire Community Situation Report (SitRep)

Our SitRep pulls together and shares verified information on a number of topics of interest to our communities in this present moment, from supermarket opening times to food services, from domestic violence helplines to crisis housing support. It is updated twice a week, Monday and Thursday, by 5 pm. You can find our SitRep by clicking 'SitRep' at the top of this page. Alternatively, you can click here: LINK.


We offer our SitRep as an act of service, created by and for our local Oxfordshire community. We hope you find it useful. If you do, please share, disseminate, promote.


SitRep Updates (below) are posted twice a week (Monday and Thursday), and will only include the new information that we added to the SitRep that day. We hope this makes them particularly useful for those of you who check our page on a daily basis, and who now no longer have to scroll through our entire SitRep to find the new information.

Get in touch with us at oxfordvirusactiongroup@gmail.com with any questions, feedback, comments. You can also find us on facebook as 'Oxfordshire Virus Action Group'.



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